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Foreclosure Investments in Costa Rica.

Real Estate investing historically has proven to be a solid investment tool – yielding highest returns with lowest risk, as evidenced by real estate dividends consistently outperforming those of the S&P 500. And now real estate investing, particularly real estate foreclosure investing in Costa Rica has taken a sharp positive turn with the execution of recent legislation. The new legislation along with the current global economic situation and Costa Rica’s long standing attractiveness to foreign investors has created a once in a lifetime investment opportunity. For the foregoing reasons Foreclosures in Costa Rica has put together an incredible investment opportunity for a limited number of investors. Foreclosures’ investing in Costa Rica is a unique industry, as few know the specifics of the business and even less have the financial means to participate. It is essentially uncharted territory creating a huge supply of properties from which that investor can choose.

Cost Rica.

Besides being strategically located for easy access from North and South America, its Atlantic and Pacific coastlines and two international Airports, provide easy access into its borders from virtually anywhere in the world.

The country became Central America’s first democracy in 1821, and today Costa Rica remains stable and strong, standing by its decision in 1983 to be a neutral entity in world conflicts. In 2008 in El Salvador conference, the World Bank stated that Costa Rica possesses one of the most stable and robust democracies in Latin America.

The country’s business friendly policies, numerous free trade zones, tax holidays and its encouragement of foreign investments have attracted the financial and physical presence of fortune 500 companies such as Wal-Mart, Hewlett Packard, Pfizer, Microsoft, General Electric, Intel and numerous others. At the same 2008 conference The World Bank praised Costa Rica’s healthy economic growth rate as one of the best social indicators in the Western Hemisphere.

Adding to the strength and attractiveness of the real estate market in Costa Rica is the country’s stunning scenery, unlimited outdoor activities, its rain forests, beaches and friendly citizens. For self-sustainable ecological tourism, it ranks number two in the world, only falling short of Palau in the South Pacific. According to National Geographic, Corcovado National Park, located on the Osa Peninsula, has been labeled the most biologically intense place on earth. One of the many islands, La Isla del Coco, was a candidate for the Seven Wonders of the World, adding to the desire to possess a piece of paradise where foreigners have the same rights as Costa Rican citizens to own Real Estate.

In a country that is slightly smaller than the state of West Virginia, a little over a quarter of its territory remains protected for natural preservation. It is inevitable that the limited amount of land will only boost demand to own a piece of it. In addition, the economy’s strength and the country’s magnetism can only increase that capital gain potential for investors.


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